Finish Carpenters are the artisans of the construction trades. They make the doors, walls, windows and cabinets work together in bringing uniqueness to a house or room. A skilled finish carpenter has an eye for proportion and a heart for detail. Their talent is more than just cutting perfect miters. They have to be able to visualize what you want, and bring it all together as a finished product. A room is nothing more than a space defined by four walls, a floor, a ceiling, a window or two and a door. There are trillions of rooms in the world. Trimming is what distinguishes one room from another. Finish carpentry is, first and foremost, the fine art of covering imperfections and bringing beauty and appeal to a room through the proper use and installation of trim.

Nothing thrills us more than listening to a customer describe what they have as a vision in their mind and bring that to life sometimes even adding or improving what they visualized.


Trim typically includes:

  • • hanging interior doors
  • • trim around doors and windows
  • • baseboard


More elaborate trim packages include:

  • • crown mold
  • • chair rail
  • • wainscotting


We can also include:

  • • built-in bookcases and desks
  • • stair rail systems
  • • closet shelving

We also build decks and assemble playground equipment.

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